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Foundry Equipments

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Zeal Engineers & Fabricators

Manufacturers of all types of Foundry Equipments

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of General Fabrications, Sand Preparation Equipments, Intensive Sand Mixer, Sand Muller, Sand Aerators, Sand Siever, Skip Charger, Sand Plant Equipments, Shell Knockout Machines, Polygonal Siever, Sand Coolers, Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyors, Dust Collectors, Transfer Trolleys, Pallet Carsm, Metal Handling Ladders Equipments, Hand Shank Ladle, Lip Pouring Ladle, Tea Spout Ladle, Bottom Pouring Ladle, S. G. Treatment Ladle, Core Shop Equipment, Core Sand Mixer, Resin Coating Plants, Cold box core Shooter Machines, Sand Dryers, Shell Core Blowers, Core Oven, Fettling Equipments, Shot Blast Machines, Pedestal Grinder, Swing Frame Grinder, Multipurpose Municipal Waste Shredder in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Green Technologies
Eco-friendly power

Eco-friendly power

Water recycling

Water recycling

Waste heat energy

Waste heat energy

Cooling from waste heat

Cooling from waste heat

Emission control


General Fabrication
Heavy Engineering Fabrication

Heavy Engineering Fabrication

MS Fabrication (Mild Steel Fabrication)

Mild Steel Fabrication

Structural Fabrication

Structural Fabrication

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  • Wide range of products for small to big scale foundry
  • After Sale Services
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  • Improved quality with low cost
  • Increase your profit with our highly productive equipments
  • Employing trained & skilled professionals to prodvide relevant & optimized product information

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Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, leveraging their expertise to achieve success efficiently and effectively

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Our guaranteed works ensure peace of mind, delivering on our promise of quality and satisfaction for every project we undertake

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